Who are we?

We're a unique financial adviser born out of wanting to give our clients a fair deal.

A brief history

Candid Financial Advice was born out of old colleagues, Justin Modray and Ian Millward, meeting for a dog walk and a chat in 2012.

Both had long, high profile careers in financial services but suffered from an overdeveloped sense of wanting to do the right thing! Justin had been a fixture in the financial press throughout the 1990s and noughties before establishing Candid Money website in 2009. Candid Money was something of a thorn in the side of the rest of the industry, providing free information to DIY investors, debunking jargon and calling out poor practice.

Ian had similarly been a prominent commentator in the 1990s before acting at director level with national advice firms. They launched Candid Financial Advice in 2013, working out of a shoe box sized office and spare bedroom respectively.

The business has been profitable from day one, thanks to attracting a steady flow of clients and keeping overheads low. Our focus on cost and culture means the business has flourished by recruiting high calibre, salaried graduates and now operates from a modern business park in Bath.

Our aim

Put simply, build a great financial advice business we would be happy using ourselves. And in the process prove it's possible to grow a successful business as a by-product of always doing the right thing.

Our values

Our business is built on being honest, open and fair. We put your best interests first, to the point we'll only take you on as a client where there's a clear benefit for you, and we feel confident we can work well together for years to come.