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Our low cost financial advice service

Cutting costs doesn't mean cutting quality or service.

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Yes, we are an independent financial adviser, which means we can select the best options for you from across the market. We are also impartial, with no incentive (financial or otherwise), to recommend anything but the best for you.

We look after clients across the UK on a remote basis since it's very convenient and keeps costs down. That said, you’re welcome to come and visit us in person at our office in Bath.

Ian Millward, our head adviser, holds Chartered status having attained a number of advanced qualifications. The rest of our advisers have all attained the 'Level 4' qualification and are actively working towards attaining the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and Chartered status.

Yes. Your investments will be held via a third party investment platform, giving 24/7 access to your portfolio.

The safety of your money and investments

How safe are your monies and investments that we advise on?

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No, we never hold your monies or investments. Any monies you invest will be sent directly to the investment platform(s) where your investments will be held, with any subsequent income or withdrawals sent from there directly to your bank account.

Investment platforms must hold your cash and investments separate from their business, so in the very unlikely event they go bust your monies would be safe and moved safely to another platform. If you were to lose money in this scenario it would be covered up to £85,000 per person per institution by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Fund managers must, like investment platforms, keep your investments separate from their business, so if they go bust your monies would be safe. Again, in the very unlikely event you were to lose money in this scenario it would be covered up to £85,000 per person per institution by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Yes. Despite our low charges, we’re a profitable business and retain a healthy bank balance well in excess of that required by the FCA.

Charges & fees

How do we get paid and who else do you pay fees to?

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In most cases there will be three parties: us (your adviser), an investment platform and fund managers. You can pay our fee either directly or via the investment platform. Fund managers take their fees from the fund (hence are reflected via returns) whilst platforms take their fee from your account.

Before becoming a client we will detail all fees and charges in writing via a comprehensive report, both as percentages and in pounds. We also details charges within the annual valuations we send you and ongoing advice letters. And, of course, if you're ever unsure you can just ask us.

No. Our initial and ongoing advice fees are fully inclusive of all our services, so we won't charge you extra for things like implementing our advice or topping up your investments.

It's a combination of not being greedy, working remotely, running a tight ship and making extensive use of in-house developed IT systems to ensure we work very efficiently.

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